Posted: Sept 13, 2017

Artists. Collaborate.

I've been working on a video project with a bunch of my friends, who also happen to be artists. It's been taking a while, but it's ok. We aren't rushing.

One would think it was a Mia LeBlon music video, but it's not. I can't take credit for it that way, as it's deeply a collaboration of everyone involved. Each person involved, has their part. 

Sure, I wrote the song, but even then, I worked with Yoo Soo Kim on arrangement and production. It's personal, yes. However, the way every artist interprets and executes the meaning of the song makes it theirs. 

My friend, Brandon Coleman, is an amazing choreographer that emphasized the lyrics & his meaning of the song, through movement. Each dancer (Cait Cucchiara, Cole Vernon, Terra Kell, Riccardo Battaglia, & Mario Gonzalez) expressed their choreographed steps in a way that grabs hold of your soul. Trust me.

Zak Kiernan, Ravi Bhatia, and Zero Ghul filmed on multiple cameras to bring out their vision on film, down to its final cuts & edits. 

Midnight Snack adds in the finishing touches, creating their story in visual effects. 

WE cannot wait to share this video with everyone. We aren't sure when that'll be, but it'll happen. Again, trust me.

It's ours. It's yours.


Posted: Nov 18, 2016

WWYD available everywhere

Everyone! You can now purchase WWYD on iTunes and Amazon Music

It's also available to stream on Spotify & Apple Music!


Posted: Nov 2, 2016

Win tickets to SoFar Sounds

Do you want to win tickets to my show on Sat. November 19th?

All you have to do is go to this link and click Enter Competition!

I would love to reveal the location, but that's a secret until the day before! 

Good luck and hope to see you there! 

xo, m